What Is The Stage That Precedes Both Mitosis

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1. (2 pts) What is the name of the stage that precedes both Mitosis and Meiosis? What is happening in the cell during this phase?
The stage that precedes both Mitosis and Meiosis is called Cytokinesis. This stage is occurs when the cytoplasmic goes through a division of a cell at the end of mitosis or meiosis, this brings the separation into two daughter cells.

2. (5 pts) Describe the 5 steps of Mitosis. Be sure to include what is happening in regards to the nuclear envelope, mitotic spindle, and chromosomes.
It is the stage prior to mitosis where the cell prepares to divide, in this, the centriole and chromatin are duplicated, the chromosomes appear which are observed double.
The first key process for the nuclear division is that …show more content…

The centrioles are duplicated
The nuclear membrane disappears
When the nuclear membrane has already disappeared, the centrioles migrate towards the poles (ends) of the cell, appearing between the two pairs of centrioles a series of protein fibers arranged from pole to pole that are given the name of an achromatic spindle …show more content…

In the plant cell there are no centrioles and sometimes the achromatic spindle is not seen.

It is a brief phase in which all the double chromosomes are located in the equator (middle part) of the cell, forming a very characteristic figure called the equatorial plate. After being placed here the next phase begins.


The chromatids are separated by the centromere and move towards the centrioles, while the spindle fibers disappear. At this time the hereditary material (the DNA strands) has already been divided in two parts in an identical way. Now the chromatids are called chromosomes. Anaphase is the crucial phase of mitosis, because in it the distribution of the two copies of the original genetic information takes place.


It is a reverse prophase, the nuclear membranes are reconstructed and the nucleoli of daughter cells reappear. The chromosomes are disorganized to form the chromatin molecule again. Finally, the cell membrane begins to separate the two new nuclei, ending the process of mitosis. In many cells, mitosis is usually accompanied by cytokinesis or separation of cytoplasms from daughter

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