What Is The Theme Of Callings By Patrick B. Reyes

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In the podcast, “Callings” co-hosted by Erin Vanlaningham and Hannah Schell interviewed the author Patrick B. Reyes on his book called The Purpose Gap: Empowering Communities of Color to Find Meaning and Thrive. The “purpose gap” is described by Reyes as the resource and support gap underprivileged students experience when trying to find a vocation. Reyes also explains this tends to be indigenous students. This gap exists between what is being learned and hardwired into indigenous students and what indigenous students learn at home. As being a first generation college student from the Latino community, Reyes had a huge perspective on how education affects those who are not fortunate to be blessed with resources throughout their educational …show more content…

Reyes uses anecdotes about the traditions his grandmother taught him and lessons he learned from her to further connect to the indigenous portion of his audience. Throughout the podcast, the hosts, Vanlaningham and Schell, touch on how the reflective and rhetorical questioning cause the readers to pause and take their time as they process his book saying, “it forces a change of relationship to the book and prompts for conversation.” Reyes continues on this topic by explaining that his intention is to cause people to stop and think about how they operate in the world as individuals, and how their personality adds to the community. Reyes rationalizes his argument further by telling a story of a billionaire who used his money to “fulfill his purpose,” to which Reyes argues how a less fortunate student can have the same ability to fulfill their purpose without the same resources and support as the billionaire. Overall, Reyes forces his listeners to relive their educational experience, and to think about the education preparation they received and compare it to reality. Reyes leaves his listeners focused on how the absence of love and uniqueness in the education system is deteriorating passion, tradition, self-confidence, and personality from the mindset of the future students who aren't privileged with a backbone support

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