What Is The Women's Role In The Odyssey

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Women are the foundation of life and help make it much easier than it has to be.The epic poem “the odyssey” by homer is about Odysseus travels during his time lost at sea after the trojan war and his wife Penelope and son Telemachus problems with the suitors trying to seduce Penelope to take Odysseus's land power. The epic poem “The Odyssey” by Homer explores the role of women and reveals that the role of women is just as important as a man's role in any story. Also, that without their help life would be much harder than it already is. Despite what people may argue women like Penelope, Athena and Circe make life much easier and play important roles in stories like the odyssey.
Women like Athena are the most helpful and important women of them all.She helped Odysseus get home by convincing the other gods that he should be the one to go home.She helped Telemachus throughout the story by helping him deal with the suitors and telling him about his father.She helped them both by helping Odysseus reveal himself to Telemachus upon …show more content…

She also during the time that he was gone raised Telemachus to be the man that he is with very little help from men. During all the events that she went through, she never was unfaithful to Odysseus even though he was many times.She is the strongest most helpful human woman ever.

Athena, Circe, and Penelope are the types of helpful and important women that make life much easier than it has to be.Athena helped Odysseus and Telemachus reunite and stay strong. Circe was one of Odysseus greatest adviser during his time with her. Penelope stayed strong while Odysseus was gone and raised a son while staying faithful to her husband.Women are not only the beings that start life but the ones that make it so much easier for all of

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