What Is White Fang An American Classic

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The title of the book I was to read was White Fang. White Fang was written by Jack London, a very skilled man in writing, as the book was very nicely put, was interesting, and is considered an “American Classic.” The book White Fang is a fictional book, for it is based off of Jack London’s imagination, not on real things that has happened. This book is important, because not only is it an “American Classic,” but it also shows us important aspects of real life. Jack London expresses how nature is beautiful, yet is cruel. The animals are beautiful, yet they are ferocious, and sometimes live nasty, painful deaths. Humans like nature, for they care for it, take pictures of it, and even put it in their homes. Yet, humans are very cruel to nature, for we destroy pretty much all the good in it. We kill the animals, plants, and insects.
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The antagonist(s) were Lip-Lip, Beauty Smith, and the wild itself. Lip-Lip was one of the dogs that was associated with White Fang. They were not friends, no they were most certainly enemies. Lip-Lip was cruel to White Fang, and made his life miserable. Lip-Lip beat him so much, even to the point of White Fang almost dying, before the two finally got separated. Beauty Smith was one of White Fang’s owners. He turned White Fang into a fighting dog. He trained him so that White Fang could kill everyone and everything that got into his path. He not only trained him, but he also beat him repeatedly. So, White Fang using the training he was given, attacked Beauty Smith and killed him. Lastly, there is the wild itself. The wild was the most harsh, most cruel, and hardest thing to beat for White Fang. The wild has people like Beauty Smith and Lip-Lip to hurt him, yet White Fang defeated them. So, because of this, the wild just made it harder and harder for White Fang to survive, and slowly became the worst enemy of them

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