What Role Did The Boston Port Act Play In The American Revolution

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In my opinion the one event that had the most significant role in the American Revolution was when the British made the Coercive/ Intolerable Acts. When the British made these acts, they cut off ports and a colony, and made a number of acts to punish the colonies. These acts made the colonist start an uprising against the British. These uprises lead to the colonist going against the British and starting the American Revolution.

A reason why the Coercive/ Intolerable Acts had the most significant role to the American Revolution was the British made the Boston Port Act.The Boston Port act was one of the most important acts the British had made. The British were punishing Boston for what they did during the Boston Tea Party. During the Boston Tea Party, the colonist in Boston threw 342 crates of British tea off one of the East India Company ships. As …show more content…

The Acts that the British made were the Massachusetts Act, Administration of Justice Act, Quartering Act, a Fifth Act, and the Quebec Act. The British made these acts to punish Boston and the colonies. “The Massachusetts Government Act, which restricted Massachusetts; democratic town meetings and turned the governor’s council into an appointed body.The Administration of Justice Act, which made British officials immune to criminal prosecution in Massachusetts.The Quartering Act, which required colonists to house and quarter British troops on demand, including in their private homes as a last resort.A fifth act, the Quebec Act, which extended freedom of worship to Catholics in Canada, as well as granting Canadians the continuation of their judicial system, was joined with the Coercive Acts in colonial parlance as one of the Intolerable Acts, as the mainly Protestant colonists did not look kindly on the ability of Catholics to worship freely on their borders.” This is from History.com, explaining the different acts and what they

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