What Was The Most Significant Outcome Of The Industrial Revolution?

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The 19th century witnessed a rise in ‘isms’, ranging from colonialism to industrialism. One of the main features of this period was the beginning of industrialization. The Industrial Revolution served as a major turning point in history as it influenced every aspect of life including the political, economic and social sphere through the technological innovations and modern manufacturing processes that it brought about. The revolution occurred gradually across the span of three different time periods, extending from the late 18th century up till the early 20th century. The phenomenon was famously known for originating in Britain and spreading across Europe and eventually the rest of the world. However, the outcomes of the Industrial Revolution were most prominently …show more content…

Political, economic and social changes caused by the revolution were argued to either have been positive or detrimental. However, it is important to acknowledge that although all three aspects were considerably affected, political changes were the greatest as its crucial implications resulted in a rippling effect across the world. Furthermore, the changes in economic and social situations were seen to have had direct or indirect consequences on the changes in diplomacy. Hence, although the Industrial Revolution may have resulted in political, economic and social changes, this essay takes the stand that the political changes were the most significant outcome of the revolution. The Industrial Revolution caused a shift in political structures, reorganizations in the balance of power and changes in the political relationships amongst the European powers and their colonies. Overall, this essay will be arguing that the Industrial Revolution was a political response to changes in an ever-changing

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