What Were The Goals Of The Federalist Papers: Taxation

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The Federalist Papers: Taxation The Federalist papers provided the reasons to support the (then) new plan of government characterized in the Constitution and replied to all critiques of the plan. The Federalist papers were analyzed on how creating a strong government would be harmful to liberty. What the critiquers were not understanding was that an active government is necessary to the survival of liberty. The Articles of Confederations plan did not completely protect these human liberties. The plan did not act significantly on the people and could not enforce its laws. In the pages to come I will describe what was the goal of the Federalist papers? Challenges of the Constitution and how the federalist papers addressed these challenges. Then I will discuss taxation and why the constitution was the best solution. The American people, "after an unequivocal experience of the inefficacy of the subsisting Federal Government,"(Hamilton, Federalists paper #1) weren’t called on to consider the creation of a new Constitution. It involved "nothing less than the existence of the UNION . . . the fate of an empire, in many respects, the most interesting in the world."(Hamilton, Federalist papers #1) A wrong decision in this matter would "deserve to be considered as the general misfortune of mankind."(Hamilton, Federalist paper #1) Expecting criticism …show more content…

“(Hamilton, Federalist paper

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