Who Is Cassie's Growing Up In Roll Of Thunder, Hear My Cry?

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In Roll of Thunder, Hear my Cry, the main character Cassie is a nine-year-old girl growing up during 1933. Since she was black, she had to deal with growing up with racism. She and some of her family went to Strawberry. Cassie described her visit to Strawberry as a cruel day. Cassie's first trip to Strawberry was cruel because she was told off by Mr. Barnett, she was confronted by Mr. Simms and her brother and Big Ma would not back her up. When Cassie was in Strawberry, she described her day as cruel when she was told off by Mr. Barnett. Mr. Barnett, a white man, was filling T.J.'s order until he started helping white people. Cassie didn't understand racism to know better than to go up to Mr. Barnett. "Well, you just get your little black self back over there and wait some more". (111) She was upset when he made a big deal about her going up to him. After Cassie has walked out of Mr. Barnett's store, Cassie runs into a white girl named Lillian Jean. Cassie didn't believe it was her fault and she refused to apologize. Lillian Jean wants Cassie to get in the road so she wouldn't bump into her and other people. "You can't watch where you are going, get in the road". (114) Just then, Lillian Jean's father, Mr. Simms, comes up to Cassie from behind and makes her fall into the road and wants Cassie …show more content…

When Cassie started to argue with Mr Barnett, her brother Stacey, didn't say anything. When Stacey dragged Cassie outside the store, Cassie asked why he wouldn't say anything, but Stacey replied "I know it and you know it, but he don't know it". (112) When Cassie was trying to run away from Mr. Simms and Lillian Jean, she accidentally runs into Big Ma on her way back to the wagon. She was relieved because she believes that Big Ma will stand up for her. Instead, Big Ma makes Cassie apologize to Lillian Jean. "Go on, child...apologize". (115) Cassie is upset because Big Ma did not support her like she thought she

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