Who Is Cesar Chavez Migrant Farm Worker

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Cesar Chavez was a migrant farm worker that led the movement that established the United Farm Workers of America (UFW). After the Great Depression, Chavez’s family was forced to move in order to find work. Many Chicano families, similar to Chavez’s, were able to find work picking the fruits and vegetables of California’s fields. However, being a farm worker was back-breaking, labor-intensive work that in return did not pay a living wage, or provide adequate living conditions. Many farm owners took advantage of migrant laborers, and were able to do so because of the lack of laws protecting them. The formation of a farm workers union was necessary to protect their rights. Despite the failures of many behind him, Chavez was effective, and established …show more content…

Something that many other attempted leaders fail at is to develop a personal connection with the people who they want to represent. A farm worker himself, Chavez lived through the mistreatment that many other farm workers received from farm owners. He lived through what thousands of other migrants lived through at the hands of greedy farm owners. Chavez gave them a sense of comfort and trust because he was an ordinary person just like them. If Chavez was going to fight for the rights of farm pickers, he was going to do so by fighting with them. He did not place himself above the migrant workers he represented because he was the main runner of the movement. Chavez believed that it was unjust for leaders to live better lifestyles than those who they represent. He was able to prove by earning the same wage as his staff. Document B states, “Cesar included, got $7.50 a week for food and $5.00 for other expenses.” He knew of the importance of staying true to the interest of social justice for farm workers. Chavez’s movement was successful because he was able to bring together migrant workers. Gaining the trust of the people he wanted to represent was the first step in his

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