Who Is John F Kennedy A Beloved Man

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The Wise Words of a Very Loved Man John F. Kennedy once said “Forgive your enemies, but never forget their names.” (John F. Kennedy, Brainy Quotes). John F. Kennedy was the thirty-fifth president. Kennedy was the youngest president that was elected in office. When Kennedy was alive he dealt with many foreign policy issues, which probably made him a hated person in some people's eyes. The United States would most likely be different if Kennedy had not dealt the foreign policy issues, the U.S. would probably not have very good alliances with other countries, because Kennedy made many of the alliances we have today possible. I feel that this quote hits home for everyone, everyone has had enemies, there will always be someone you may dislike because they have done something the hurt you. Everyone has had bullies just like you and me just because you think that they might turn into your friend just never forget what they had done to you before and it is very easy for them to …show more content…

Kennedy was born in brookline massachusetts in 1917, he was raised in a home with nine siblings him being the second oldest. Kennedy graduated from Harvard University in 1940. In 1943 he entered the navy, by the time john was discharged in 1945 his oldest brother joe how their father had thought would run for office had been killed in war and the family's political preference got passed dont to john, who had planned to become a journalist . Back from war he became a democratic congressman from the Boston area. After being in congress he then became senate in 1953. Being in the political world must have gained interest to Kennedy because he then started to run for the presidential election. In the same year that Kennedy started his election he married his fiancee Jacqueline Bouvier. Kennedy most likely gained many enemies from being a congressman and being a senate. Kennedy was also a well liked person but being in the public eye you can’t please everyone and everyone can’t like

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