Who Is John F Kennedy's Early Presidents

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His Early Years
John F. Kennedy was born on May 29, 1917 into a wealthy and Catholic family of Irish decent. His family lived in Boston Massachusetts and he was the second oldest in a family of nine siblings. During his childhood John or also nicknamed Jack was like any other boy. He enjoyed English and History during school but besides that he liked what any other boy would like.
Start to his career
John F. Kennedy joined the Navy in 1941 and in 1943 he was sent to the South Pacific. While there his boat was attacked by a Japanese destroyer. He tried to help as many of his crew members as he could and for his bravery John was awarded the Navy and Marines Corps Medal. During that time John’s older brother was killed due to a secret mission against Germany.History.com says, “ A grieving Joe Sr. told Jack it was his duty to fulfill the destiny once intended for Joe Jr.: to become the first Catholic president of the United States.”
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However it wasn’t as easy as he would've thought. History.com says, “ In the general election, Kennedy faced a difficult battle against his Republican opponent, Richard Nixon, a two-term vice president under the popular Dwight D. Eisenhower. Offering a young, energetic alternative to Nixon and the status quo, Kennedy benefited from his performance (and telegenic appearance) in the first-ever televised debates, watched by millions of viewers. In November’s election, Kennedy won by a narrow margin–less than 120,000 out of some 70 million votes cast–becoming the youngest man and the first Roman Catholic to be elected president of the United

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