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Mansa Musa was an influential ruler. He was very wealthy, generous, and dedicated to his land. Mansa Musa became a well-known figure during his pilgrimage to Mecca where he proved to be a great leader. First, Mansa Musa was the richest man ever. For example, “he brought camels that carried 100 loads of gold” for resources on his pilgrimage. (crash course). This shows that he was influential because, on this very important journey, he was able to spend and share money. People could look up to him as he showed his riches. To put his wealth into perspective, Mansa Musa is currently worth “a staggering $400 billion”, while the richest man today, Bernard Arnault, is worth around 200 billion dollars. (document a). This shows just how rich he was because we can see that he is double the net worth of the richest man today. This could be influential to many as they would want to look up to a leader who is powerful. In addition to being rich, he was generous with his wealth. While on his pilgrimage, “he built houses in Cairo and Mecca”. (crash course). This is very generous of Musa and could also influence many people to share and help others in need. Also on his pilgrimage, Mansa Musa gave handfuls of gold to peasants and beggars. (extra history). This also shows him being generous and helpful to …show more content…

People began to believe that “Africa was a land of gold” after hearing of Mansa Musa’s pilgrimage. (crash course). This is especially important and influential because many people followed the stereotype that Africa is poor. Mansa Musa helped them to see what Africa truly was. Mansa Musa also influenced his religion by being featured on the Catalan Atlas. He was described as “the most noble king in all the land”. (document b). At the time, the Catalan Atlas was known as "the zenith of medieval map-work". (Wikipedia). This shows that Mansa Musa really inspired people and got featured on a very powerful and successful

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