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Mansa Musa was a Medieval African emperor who ruled over Mali from 1312-1337. He is most well-known for his pilgrimage to Mecca that happened in 1324. He was the first Muslim African ruler to make the pilgrimage.
Mansa Musa doesn’t have a lot of information on his childhood. I do know that he was born into the Keita Dynasty and his parents were Fage and Laye. The king of Mali and they called him Mansa Musa. His original name was Musa 1 but once he became king his people started to call him Mansa Musa and Mansa means “Sultan” or King. Mansa Musa ruled over Mali and Mali was a nation with fabulous wealth, during his rule he has built many monuments, mosques, and also schools all over his empire. He mostly famous from his 1324 pilgrimage and …show more content…

Mansa Musa was the emperor of Mali when he made a pilgrimage to Mecca in 1324. He received piety and generosity and he earned his respect from the local populations of Egypt. During quest he brought 60,000 people and 12,000 were slaves. Also he had 500 slaves carry golden staffs. He spent so much of this gold that there was an economic crash in Cairo, which people still felt 12 years after he left. The biggest impact of Mansa Musa's journey was in Mali itself, which became a religious and educational place based on the amount of exceptional people Mansa Musa recruited upon his return. He instituted mosques at Timbuktu and Gao. During his reign, Timbuktu became an important trade stop for caravans in the region, and an educational center that evolved into a university where history, law and theology were supported by royal funds. His influence on his people was to instill Islam into their lives, so much that his subjects became educated in religious and secular matters. His influence until his death in 1332 was a tribute to the strength of his

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