Who Is Ralph's Leadership In Lord Of The Flies

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Shawn Murphy
Mrs. Lance
English 10 Honors
07 March 2023
Compelling Leadership in Lord of the Flies Harmony and order in society can only be achieved through great leadership, an important quality in both fictitious and real-world settings. The novel, Lord of the Flies, by William Golding, presents this effective guidance through Ralph, the figurehead of children who focuses on logical and beneficial long-term decision-making. Throughout the book, he demonstrates various leadership qualities that assist the boys in being rescued from the stranded island, simultaneously vying for power over a tyrannical dictator who manipulates the boys into savagery. Despite the odds being against Ralph, he perseveres through multiple obstacles, determined …show more content…

It is shown throughout the book that Ralph competes with Jack for power. Throughout Lord of the Flies, Jack manipulates the group onto his side, leaving Ralph with only a few kids in support of himself. Nevertheless, he continues to persevere through Jack’s competition. This is presented towards the end, after Jack had harassed Ralph’s group, they continued to set off to reason with Jack about the spectacles, depicted as, “They set off along the beach in formation. Ralph went first, limping a little, his spear carried over one shoulder.” (Golding 173) Ralph is at the disadvantage, being physically wounded and having a smaller member count in his tribe, however, he leads the boys over to Jack’s side. Ralph exhibits resilience by pushing through the backlash Jack confronts him with constantly, and having this enables Ralph’s group to be determined to succeed, ultimately showing Ralph’s great leadership. Likewise, Ralph also indicates strong determination in the sense that he wants to escape, and during the whole of Lord of the Flies does he not stop mentioning the fire- the gateway to their escape. From the creation of the fire, Ralph has put numerous efforts into maintaining the smoke, from scheduling the choir boys to guard the fire, to attempting to get piggy’s specs back to light the fire again. His obsession with fire demonstrates strong determination and allows him to represent excellent leadership by delivering strive toward success. Furthermore, Ralph symbolizes guidance through hope and motivating the boys. Ralph has shown to deliver hope to the boys multiple times, once illustrated through worrying about being rescued off the island in the beginning. The boys are distraught because they’re on an unknown island, questioning who’ll save them, and Ralph reassures them by

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