Who Is René Descartes Create An Argument?

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René Descartes was a French philosopher, scientist and mathematician. He is considered the founder of modern philosophy because he thought of new and improved ways that applied to everyone, to justify the science of his time. Descartes only believes in logic, geometry and algebra because he believes that these ideas have something to offer us as humans. Descartes says that one should be able to listen to reason because it free’s ourselves from making errors which “dim our natural light” (3), because errors make humans feel self conscious so he believes that we can stop ourselves from creating errors by concentrating and listening to logic. He consideres logic to contain good perceptions but believes that logic is combined with other harmful facts which are hard to separate, …show more content…

Furthermore, his method shows that whenever one makes an argument, they have to be completely sure and have not even one reason to doubt it themselves so that they could be assured that they had not left out anything because then it shows impatience and stress. He suggests that when developing thoughts to solve a problem, to develop the thoughts in such an order beginning with the easiest to understand first, then to go little by little to the harder and more complicated thoughts and problems therefore creating a more spaced out, concentrated and organized mind set which makes it easier to solve the problems. He adds that if one person can work hard and use his four steps to achieve knowledge like he did, then everyone can because knowledge is not hidden, it is out in the open to be discovered. Lastly, Descartes conveys to readers that “I think, therefore I am” is a true quote and applies to everyone because everyone is skeptical but no matter what, our bodies don’t matter, just our souls do because even without our bodies, our souls can continue and be all that they

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