Who Is Santiago A Hero In The Alchemist

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“The Alchemist”, is a story of adventure, hope and lesson. As a shepherd, Santiago travels discovering more about himself and his surroundings as he goes. Different decisions and opportunities detour Santiago on his path to his Personal Legend. Qualities fulfill Santiago making all of his aspirations possible, some help him as others devere him from his ultimate goal. Santiago is a man of his word. He strives to do what he says. Along his journey he may have doubts but he never fails to do his best and try to accomplish his goals. In the beginning of the story he describes a moment in his past, when he decided to become a shepherd and abandon the idea of becoming a Priest. In this scenario he did do what he said and became a shepherd, following his dreams. Later, when Santiago has the opportunity to discover his Personal Legend by going to the Pyramids. In the end he does so, of course, there were obstacles in the way, but he did everything possible to follow through. …show more content…

Santiago is a foolish, foolish, man. One of which falls in love way too easily. He lets his heart direct him over his mind. At the beginning of the story he claims to be in love with a village girl that he had only spoken to once. Then there is Fatima, another girl that he is supposedly in love with at first sight. He is setting himself up for destruction. Destruction of his heart and all of his emotions. Why plan your life around a girl, all that 's going to happen is you are going to get hurt in the end, that’s what always happens. Santiago also is too trustworthy of people. In his adventures he comes across many, some who do him great good and more who do him great destruction. For example, the robber steals all of his money because just after meeting the man, Santiago trusted him with his possessions. Lastly, Santiago wanders too much. He travels too often, he may never settle down and enjoy what there is, all that traveling sounds depriving and

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