Who Is To Blame For Mary Surratt's Death

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Have you ever been blamed for something you did not do? After Abraham Lincoln 's assassination Stanton, the secretary of war, began to search for suspects that may have been involved in the assassination. One of whom was Mary Surratt a woman who was the mother of John Surratt Jr. and was the owner of the boarding house in H Street, Washington. Stanton claimed Mary as part of the conspiracy to kill Lincoln, and was given a death sentence for her crimes. Even though Mary Surratt was hanged she still deserved a better sentence as she did not get a fair trial against her. Mary Surratt was never included in the assassination, because evidence from Kingseed’s article, “Booth also left behind evidence exculpating Mary in the assassination.” Also a testimony from Lewis Paine, otherwise known as Lewis Powell from Jame Swanson’s book Chasing Lincoln’s …show more content…

The binoculars are very odd. Why would Booth give Mary binoculars to deliver to Lloyd? Well Mary had that same question, so she couldn’t have known what the package was about. Mary Surratt did visit John Lloyd at the tavern in Surrattsville speaking about “Shooting irons”. However Mary Surratt’s business in Surrattsville was not consistent with her actions as from Kingseed’s article states, “Friendly witnesses however, explained her visits as just business, testifying that she was trying to track down John Nothey, who owed her money.” Mary was just tracking down John Nothey which counters others saying her actions in Surrattsville were

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