Who Is To Blame For Sacrifice In Taylor's Death?

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I’m somewhere in the middle of this whole situation. I would say some did deserve their deaths, and some did not. I’m somewhat conflicted with some characters, such as Emily Brent who did throw Beatrice Taylor out of her home, but did not know she would later take her life because of it. I’m going to focus more on the straightforward characters. Here are some examples of characters who I think should not have died. Anthony Marston: He was “guilty of the murder of John and Lucy Combes”. He explains that he was speeding and accidently ran over two kids. What he did was an accident, and was in no way intentional. He didn’t plan on killing those kids. Sure, you could argue that it was somewhat his fault for being a reckless driver, but I still…show more content…
He abandoned them, and took all of their supplies. He admit to killing them, and claimed it was all to save himself. He felt no remorse for killing these men, saying it was okay because they were just natives. This was done deliberately, but it is a different case. Instead of abandoning them and taking their supplies to kill them, he just did it to benefit himself. Either way, they would’ve died, and he would’ve deserved his death. General MacArthur: He “deliberately sent his wife’s lover, Arthur Richmond, to his death.” Here is another case where the person didn’t kill someone themselves, but caused their death intentionally. He sent Richmond because he knew that anyone who went would be killed, and therefore technically commit murder. If he believes Richmond should have died for doing something to him, then he deserves his death because he did something to someone else as well. I could go on for pages about who did and did not deserve to die and who I could not decide on. I think if the character deserved death, Justice Wargrave’s idea of having a murder-mystery gimmick is pretty smart. I think it is smart because making them feel that they were going to die soon and making them experience death makes them go through what they made others go
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