Who Was Harriet Tubman A Hero

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Harriet Tubman isn’t afraid to point a gun at you to get the job done. Harriet Tubman was a former slave who escaped. She became very known as a conductor of the underground railroad. Harriet Tubman was a hero of the 19th century. First, Harriet Tubman was once a common slave. Harriet Tubman was brutally beaten and once even got a traumatic head injury which lead to seizures,nausea, and headaches. Her slave master threw a heavy metal weight at her head after she refused to help capture a slave that went where he wasn’t supposed to go. Eventually, Harriet escaped her slave master and fled to Philadelphia. Secondly, Harriet Tubman accomplished a lot as a conductor. Harriet helped a lot of slaves escape. The exact number of slaves she helped escape was 300. Harriet did anything to get the job done. She pointed guns at slaves who couldn’t get a hold of themselves and even drugged babies who didn’t stop crying. Harriet Tubman wasn’t afraid to go the extra step to get the job done. …show more content…

Harriet’s work eventually paid off in the long run. Her efforts finally paid off with ending slavery. Harriet Tubman was known as a hero when slavery ended. Harriet Tubman even has her own National Historical Park for her many years of freeing slaves. Harriet Tubman will always be remembered for her hardship and the sacrifices she made. In conclusion, Harriet Tubman Tubman was a hero of the 19th century. Harriet Tubman was truly great for her service in the underground railroads. Harriet Tubman fought the right fight for the right reasons. Harriet Tubman is a name people should always

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