Who Was Responsible For The Death Of Romeo And Juliet Essay

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Romeo and Juliet Final Exam Essay (Part 3) When a tragedy occurs, the question often arises about who is responsible. The play Romeo and Juliet is written by William Shakespeare. Friar John, Balthasar, and Mercutio were a part of being responsible for Romeo and Juliets death. The three characters who are most responsible for the tragic ending of the play are Friar John, Balthasar, and Mercutio. First of all, one person who is responsible for the tragic ending of the play is Friar John. The first reason is Friar John had a donkey to ride. Instead of riding the donkey, he walked the donkey which took the message he was supposed to delivery way longer than expected. The second reason is Friar John had a letter from Juliet to Romeo. The letter was talking about Juliet taking the poison that she took so she wouldn’t have to marry Paris. When the letter arrived, it was already too late. Therefore, Friar John is clearly responsible for the play’s tragic ending. Secondly, another person responsible for Romeo and Juliet's death is Mercutio. One reason is Mercutio thought that Romeo has gotten soft. Mercutio then wanted to duel Tybalt. Yet another reason is Mercutio ending up dead when he fought Tybalt. This angered Romeo, Romeo then dueled Tybalt to a match and killed Tybalt. As one can see, Mercutio shares in the …show more content…

This is because Balthisar told Romeo that he just witnessed Juliet’s funeral. This surprised Romeo and made him very sad when he heard about the funeral. Also, after hearing about Juliet’s funeral, Romeo went straight to the apothecary to buy poison. He was very sad about Juliet’s death. After getting the poison, Romeo went to the family tomb where Juliet was. Romeo saw Tybalt and Juliet. Romeo cried and right when Juliet started to wake up from her poison, Romeo took the poison and died. Clearly, because of these actions, Baltasar shares responsibility in the

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