Who Was Responsible For World War 1

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Ottoman Empire consisting of Great Britain, France, Russia and the United States, and the Central Power consisting of Germany, Austria-Hungary, Bulgaria.

Now back onto details about the assassination, it first started when Sarajevo was in Bosnia, this province made Serbians upset because it had been annexed by Austria-Hungary in 1908. Archduke Franz Ferdinand at the time was with his wife Sophie traveling to inspect the army in Sarajevo. They arrived at 9:28am where seven young Bosnian men planned and attempted the assassination; the plan failed, at which the bomb had bounced off the car. Shortly after all the seven young men were arrested. The Archduke knew they would attempt to kill him again, so he decided to change his rout home. The only problem was that no one told the driver, when the driver was told it was unfortunately too late. Conspirators on the way home thinking he had failed pulled out a gun and shot Franz Ferdinand hitting him badly in the jugular vein and straight after shot Sophie. This was one of the main triggers in starting World War I. …show more content…

This is when Austria-Hungary knew they had to make an alliance with Germany in order for them to be more powerful than Serbia and Russia. Germany decided to issue Austria-Hungary a blank check saying that would support to allies. Kaiser Wilhelm II is the person who issued the blank check to Chancellor Theobald von Bethmann Hollweg, this transaction happened over lunch. On July 23 that is what the crisis broke into the open, when Serbia was suddenly presented with an impossible challenge by

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