World War 1 Dbq Essay

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The outbreak of World War I occurred on June 28, 1914 where the Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir to the Austrian throne, was assassinated by Gavrilo Princip, a young serbian nationalist. This assassination caused Austria to immediately break relations with Serbia. Meanwhile Russia let the Austrians know that they were backing the Serbs, this then occurred throughout many other countries, and alliances formed starting World War I. 41 million casualties later and the Allies, consisting of the U.S, Britain, and France, were victorious leaving Germany and Austria-Hungary punished severely for this inhuman calamity. Overall the number of casualties and the punishment of Germany in World War I created political, social, and economical …show more content…

A social condition that led to World War II would be the rise of other views such as, nationalism, Fascism, Anti-Semitism and Communism. One economic condition would be the harshness of the punishments, concerning the amount of money that has to be paid by Germany, leaving them in an economic collapse. These conditions then led to another World War that will result in many more casualties. Throughout World War I many events occurred for example, the Treaty of Versailles. This was a meeting where the Allies discussed the punishments towards Germany. In documents 1,3, and 7 the aspect politics are all incorporated. In document 1, it shows an excerpt from The Treaty of Versailles. It discusses how all the countries accept the responsibility of Germany for the damage of World War I, and how they will compensate for it. This …show more content…

German inflation occurred and their economy collapsed. Throughout 2 and 6 the ideals of debt for Germany are expressed. In document 2, John Maynard Keynes shares his work called The Economic Consequences of Peace. It basically discusses the severity of the economic depression in Germany. It also talks about how it could lead to starvation. The purpose of this excerpt is to show how severe the conditions are in Germany after a so called “peace treaty” is arranged. The depression in Germany caused them to then attempt to create jobs, hence the production of guns, tanks, and airplanes enforced by Hitler and later causing World War II. In document 6, Heinrich Hauser shares With Germany’s Unemployment. This excerpt shows how dreadful the conditions were in Germany. The purpose of this document is to attempt to create a mental picture of the actual event occurring, and how arduous it was. The unemployment rate in Germany also caused people to look for jobs, and when Hitler began to offer them with building military supplies illegally, they accepted. This decreased the unemployment rate, but later caused World War

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