Who Was To Blame For Lennie's Death Essay

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Who does the blame fall on in the murder? Now in the little town of Soledad two people have died, Lennie and Curley’s Wife. Lennie killed Curley’s wife George was right when he killed Lennie, even though they might have been able to make it out alive.

George did the right thing when he killed Lennie because Lennie was starting not to listen to him and could end up getting George and Lennie killed. Lennie would do anything George told him don’t get me wrong, but Lennie could not remember what George told him, therefore he would do the opposite which would end up putting them in a worse situation. By Lennie not listening and doing what George said that would surely get them canned. On page 42 Lennie brought the pup into the barn even though George told him not to, “I tol’ you you couldn’t bring that pup in here.” even though this is a small example to what could actually happen when Lennie does not listen. George has the best interest in hand for Lennie so if he knows it’s time to kill Lennie then it’s time. Why would George kill him, if it was not to save him, after all the …show more content…

When Lennie was going crazy and thinks he sees his Aunt clara “I tried, Aunt Clara, ma’am. I tried and tried.” Lennie was like a sick dog a dog that has gone blind he did not know if what he is seeing is real or not. George saw that and George did not want Lennie to suffer he just wanted to put him out of his misery.
I understand that George and Lennie might have been able to make it out and that what George did was wrong each time you kill a person it is wrong. George knew what he was doing but that does not mean George won 't get that guilt for the rest of his life. With all that has been said I believe that George did the right thing no matter how hard it was to

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