Whooping Cough Persuasive Speech

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Take a minute to imagine what our world is going to look like in two hundred years or so. Most see robots and flying vehicles while I see a barren waste land. America is the greatest country around the globe but soon it won’t even exist. Despite some of the greatest minds and doctors, America will become severely withered because of an incurable plague. Even dating back to America’s first beginnings there has always been problems with illnesses. In 1633-1634 there was a case of smallpox that was brought into America from European settlers. People had symptoms of high fever, chills, severe back pain, rashes, and even death. Because of this seventy percent of the Native Americans population decreased. In 1918 there out a breakout of the Spanish flu. This is a mutating influenza virus that circles the globe every year. When the Spanish flu arrived in America there was an estimate of six hundred seventy five thousands death. The whooping cough has made appearances in America in 2010 and 2014. Whooping cough is another…show more content…
Our people will be affected to the point where our country can’t function. Everyone will be weak and sickly. No one will be able to go to work because once someone has the flu they are extremely contagious in which people will stay inside to keep from getting it. The government will also decline. Due to no one working there will be no money for the government to run on. The president and all the people in the White House will also have a high risk of dying so therefore they will not feel like working either. Natural resources and supplies will disappear as well. Without people working there will be nobody to maintain our natural resources. Our food supply will run out as well because farmers will not be able to tend to the farms and gardens that provide us with certain foods. America will severely decline in aspects of the country like our people, government, and
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