Why Did John Believe In The Crucible

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In the story, the crucible, written by Arthur MIller many people wonder the reason for john’s actions at the end of play when he Decided to destroy his confession. The Crucible is about accusations of witchcraft in Salem, Massachusetts, in 1692. There were many people that get accused of witchcraft due to hate and jealousy in these years , it ruined many lives and hurt families. John did not believe in witchcraft from the beginning of the play, he was not about to start. From the beginning of the play john did not believe in any sort of supernatural. He is a young man who is married to Elizabeth. John is a good man who never really did anything wrong. He did cheat one with a girl named Abigail Williams. She worked around the Proctor’s house, cleaning and doing chores. Elizabeth did not like all the time abigail and john spent alone together. She was upset with John that he had cheated but she stay with him because she is in love with him. John apologized because he really does love Elizabeth just a mistake that occurred. Later on in the play someone saw a group of girls dancing around a fire, which to them is something they have never seen before. When the townspeople found out they assumed they were trying to summon the devil. They all believed Abigail williams was possessed by the devil. She claims …show more content…

Proctor would rather die than admit to such a foolish things. The towns people already believe witchcraft is real and there was more among them, when really it was all just crap.Danforth was just trying to save the man he did not know why he tore it up. Elizabeth wanted the father of her child to live because there was maybe a chance he would live if he confessed. The judges just believed anything someone told them because they really didn't know what to believe

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