The Crucible Reading Log Analysis

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The Crucible Reading Logs

1: Thomas Putnam, a landowner in Salem, contributed greatly to the trials. Putnam was one of the first characters to blame witchcraft for his own daughter's sickness, along with the minister's daughter, Betty Parris. Furthermore, Putnam was quick to believe that “hurtful, vengeful, spirits” (Miller, 15) were laying hand on the children. In addition he feels as though there is a “murdering witch” (16) among them. Consequently, in Salem if someone is “hung for a witch” (96) then they must “forfeit their property” (96) which is “the law” (96). Therefor, Putnam is blaming witchcraft on everyone, in order for him to take their land. Considering the fact that no one in Salem has enough money to buy the land that was given up and only “Putnam has the coin to buy” (96) he will become more rich and he will be able to destroy his enemies in the trials.
3: In the beginning of The Crucible Giles Corey was seen as a foolish old man due to his old age, but Giles soon proves that he is indeed brave and courageous. Giles Corey is seen as an absurd 83 year old man who is blamed for everything that is wrong in Salem and his “fate was so different than others” (40). Once Giles’s wife …show more content…

The Proctor was lying about the fact that he had an affair with a young girl named, Abigail Williams, which he confesses about during Act III. During the time he confesses the truth it is a big moment for John himself because he had tried so hard to conceal it for so long. Although the truth is out no one believes that Abigail and the Proctor had an affair because Elizabeth, the Proctors wife, claims that he is a “goody man” (113) and he did not cheat on her. Therefor Elizabeth and John were charged of witchcraft and both were sentenced to die, because the truth that came out about the affair to save Elizabeth was seen as a lie and neither of them could be

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