Why Did Suzanne Collins Wrote The Hunger Games Books?

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Have you ever wondered who wrote the Hunger Games books? Well if not, her name is Suzanne Collins. Suzanne is a famous author who wrote 15 books and made 4 movies.if your interested in knowing all about her then here you go. Just read this and you will be all set. Suzanne Collins also known as The Hunger Games writer was born in Hartford Connecticut on August 10,1962. She is the youngest out of her four siblings. She was the daughter of an Air Force Officer and moved to a lot in her childhood. She grew up always wanting to write! Suzanne graduate high school in 1980 at M.F.A. then graduated college in 1985. Collins attended Alabama School of Fine Arts to get her degree in writing. Right after she got her degree she started to write Clifford's

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