Why Did The Mexican Revolution Happened By The Underdogs Revolutionary?

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The Underdogs have many key points about the people of Mexico, the rebels and the federal government during the Mexican Revolution. The poor and uneducated suffered harsh treatment by the federal troops and government. Demetrio Macías fought for himself, his family and for all the poor and uneducated people who have suffered by the hands of the federal troops and government. As the revolution continued the rebels began to act like the federal troops, taking advantage and mistreating the people of Mexico. The Underdogs revolutionary is mainly sympathetic to the poor and uneducated, but there are some critical points about the poor and uneducated. The poor class of Mexico are treated horribly and are taken advantaged by the people who are in …show more content…

One main reason the Mexican Revolution happened was to top the injustice and tyranny of the government. What’s the difference between the federal soldiers and the rebels? War Paint saw no difference between the federal soldiers and the rebel: “…Soldiers don’t sleep in hotels and inns anymore…Where do you come from? You just go anywhere you like and pick a house that pleases you, see. When you go there, make yourself at home and don’t ask anyone for anything. What the hell is the use of revolution? Who’s it for? For the folks who live in towns?” The poor and uneducated rebels who took arms to fight against injustice that has happened to them have become the injustice that they swore to fight against. They have had a taste of power, power they never had before and have become as corrupt as the federal soldiers and the government. The Mexican Revolution that at first was for the greater good has become an excuse for the poor to do whatever they please. Once the iconic hero, Pancho Villa, was defeated the people of Mexico no longer are willing to help the rebels. Their hope for change was lost with the defeat of Pancho Villa and the rebels that took advantage of them just like the federal soldiers where nothing more than

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