Why Do Black Fathers Raise Their Children?

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Throughout history Black fathers are characterized as being “deadbeat dads” or not be around to raise their children. There is this ongoing issue that shows Black fathers being ignored and hindered in American society. Starting back in slavery, Black fathers job was to tend to the fields and to whatever the master wanted. This caused the separation between children and their fathers. Many times, the owners would split of the families, so that mean children did not have time to get the love or attention they needed from their fathers. American society had already made Black fathers been not being attached to their children because anytime they could be sold off or even killed. This started the whole situation of Black fathers getting the stigma that they cannot protect their families or being able to raise their children. Black fathers in slavery did what they could do during that time, but as time moved forward American society continued to want to keep that separation in the Black families. …show more content…

Black father’s jobs are to provide for their families, but society is working against them. You have the system where Black mothers could only get welfare if the father was not in the picture. If found what the father in the home this could led to their benefits being cut off. This meant Black fathers had to stay away because they wanted to make sure their children were taken care of. This was the separation that happen between Black fathers and their children because there was no way to know when a worker would come over for a home visit. Black fathers had to keep their distance even though they wanted to be a part of their families. Blacks fathers did what was necessary for Black mothers to be able to

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