Black African American Men Stereotypes

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In today’s society, many black African American men struggle due to our gender. We struggle to survive. The struggle of surviving, leads to the struggle of being stereotyped, and finally ends with the struggle of being successful. No, we’re not talking success on the court or running down the field. We’re talking Chief Executive Officers, Engineers, and even doctors. Black African American men, educated and uneducated, has to do everything in their power to survive. We cannot even go to the gas station to get a bottle of skittles and an Arizona tea without being shot down due to the fact that my fellow brother has a hood on his head, Rest in Peace Travon Martin. We struggle to find jobs because of our skin color, so we have to do anything to get money. Our brother Eric Gardner was strangled to death for selling spare cigarettes to make a profit. Yes, it is an illegal act, but the situation could have ended better than the death of our brother. Hank Willis Thomas collection includes many pieces that show how we as African American men …show more content…

His ankle is shackled with a gold chain, which is connected to a basketball. A first look at the image, two of the main stereotypes towards a black man was revealed. I saw a high-jumping, athletic person with brown skin. I don’t think anything is wrong with us our masculinity qualities are just different from others. The outside world says that all we are good for is playing sports and failing at life, but we know we are better than what they think. This image is a way of saying black men are slaves to the sport of basketball. The Nike shoes are showing us what the average African American man wears on his feet. We are objectified upon because of our athletic qualities. They try to coercion us into doing what they want due to the power that they have. Sports are mostly male privileged due to the patriarchy, and capitalistic views of

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