Why Do Indigenous People Celebrate Day Of The Dead

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El Dia de los Muertos, also known as day of the dead was celebrated by the indigenous people and today thousands of years laters is continued to be. Day of the Dead is a holiday that celebrated the lives of loved ones that have passed. The indigenous people believed that it was the beginning of a new chapter and one of the most common signs that can be found during the celebration(either on the altars or as costumes) are skeletons,as they are the symbol of life after death. The people who celebrate Day of the Dead take this as a time to celebrate their loved ones that have passed and to think about the world that is to come. However, instead of viewing death as the end of the road, they view it as a new road, and a chance to start a new chapter. …show more content…

In order to make the ceremony the most beautiful it can october 31st is like a preparation day and in order to do so people clean the graves of their loved ones and go to the mark to buy the supplies needed to decorate the graves and create the alters. The candles helped guide the souls to the altars and the altars welcome back the souls of those who have passed. While the ceremony is extremely beautiful it is also very festive and playful with fireworks,games,singing, costumes, and dancing. . Though to some this may seem like a strange way to celebrate such a sad event to me this seems smart. Instead of feeling bad because certain people are longer in your life, people should be celebrating all the time that people were in their lives so they are remembered in a happy way, not a sad and regretful way. This sounds like a very meaningful way to commemorate loved ones that have passed away and are no longer in your life, and to also celebrate the fact that they have just started a new chapter in their life and soon you will get the chance to join them. Furthermore I think setting out their favorite food is a great way to remind you of their life. I also think that this holiday sounds like an amazing way for a community to band together and create some beautiful memories that they will probably cherish till the next

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