Why Do Manatees Migrate

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Migrating Manatees.
Some description about the manatee are, manatees are big and gray, they are very large and they weigh 800 to 1200 pound, they are 10 feet long and algae grows on there back.
Manatee habitats are very interesting. Manatees live in north american east coast, shallow slow moving rivers, saltwater bays, canals, and the coastal areas. They eat seagrass and freshwater vegetation. They are losing their habitats they really need to live.
The migration route for a manatee in winter and summer is back and forth from the east and west coast of Florida. Manatees usually migrate seasonally. And manatees travel with the warm water. Manatees do not migrate far.
Manatees mostly travel for food. Manatees could die in 2 to 5 in cold water

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