Compare And Contrast Sloth And Three Toed Sloths

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William Shakespeare once said, “Wisely, and slow. They stumble that run fast.”, and the sloth sure can't run fast. Well, actually sloths can’t run at all. Both the two and three toed sloths can’t run at all but, there are still many other similarities and differences between the two and three toed sloth. There are two different species of sloths. The three toed sloth and the two toed sloth. There are many differences and similarities. A similarity is they both live in the same habitat. A difference is their appearance is very different. As you know the two and three toed sloths have differences in their appearances. The two toed sloth has a lighter colored fur. While the three toed sloth has a darker pigment of fur. They both have dark circles around their eyes …show more content…

They have four parts to their stomach. Sloths take a long time to digest their food. It can take up to a month to digest their food. Some scientists suggest this is because of their slow movements or because of an unvaried diet. While others say it is because of their constant changing body temperature. When their stomachs are full it can count for 20 to 30% of their body weight. Sloths live in the canopies of the rainforest. Most sloths are located around South and Central America. The toe and three toed sloths both live in the same location. Although sloths are the slowest moving animal in the world, that's not true when it comes to swimming. Sloths can swim three times faster in the water then they can on land. They can even swim fast against the rainforest/jungles fast currents. If a sloth wants to get somewhere fast they just drop from a branch into the water and speed their way down to where ever they were headed. Did you know that the sloth has a whole other ecosystem living in it’s fur. The sloth creates algae in it’s fur do to being unhygienic. Then bugs of all sorts live in the fur. These pests feed off of the algae and are protected by their shaggy

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