Short Eared Owl Research Paper

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The short-eared owl resides in Pennsylvania and is protected and endangered under the Game and Wildlife Code. The can be found on every continent except Antarctica and Australia. The most common time they can be found is in the winter. The population of these animals range from year to year depending on the prey densities. They can be found in the Piney Tract Important Bird area in Clarion County. They are often found in farmlands and wetlands throughout the state as well. This species is rare to the state and the nesting is hard to locate. The nests are often found to be on the ground and in groups. In 1985, these owls were considered endangered based on the survey that was done. Since they have a small breeding population and limited distribution they are considered endangered.

The nesting differs from male to female because of the egg incubation. The females lay four to seven white eggs in the bowl shaped nest. Each nest is located in tall grass to help protect them. They are also attracted to marshy lands. In farmlands, the like CREP fields which are winter grass. This allows the female to easily take care of the eggs. In the winter the owls usually migrate south, but if it is not a hard winter then they usually tough it out. …show more content…

They are about the same size as a crow and has a wingspan of 38 to 44 inches. The color can differ, but they are mostly found to be light or dark brown. They also have dark circles under their eyes. The owls have many different patches of brown on their wings which allow them to be different from barn owls. The way they fly is interesting because they section fields off and then fly in loops over the prey until the drop onto the prey. The main prey for these owls are meadow mice. These owls are most active at dusk and dawn. They can sometimes be found in the middle of the day. Either way, they are more active than other

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