Why Do People Succeed In The Great Gatsby

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Greatness is not a destination,striving for “greatness” is unrealistic because there is no particular time or place in your life that you become remarkable. People often find themselves unhappy because they haven't reached flawlessness. Everyday can be different, greatness is a condition that is very controllable. One can not control what life throws at them but one can control their response to the situation. Therefore, personal morals and being an overall good person lead you and others to believe that you are great. The ability to admit oneself to one's aspirations is an attribute of greatness. Optimism and hard work gives one an opportunity to achieve. His most memorable accomplishment is his home in West Egg. He believes that his luxurious Mansion and his overall social status helps him to be great, good enough for Daisy Buchanan (ex-lover). In efforts to display his wealth and …show more content…

Friends and family are people you find in one's corner but one can lose supporters just as easy as obtaining them due to poor decisions and morals. Family was not huge in Gatsby’s life but his father was proud of him declaring "If he'd of lived he'd of been a great man. A man like James J. Hill. He'd of helped build up the country." (168) Unfortunately, his father's praise would not have satisfied him, he needed to hear those words from Mrs. Buchanan. On the other hand, it seems to be Nick Carraway is Gatsby’s most devoted supporter, being Mr. Gatsby's closest friend. Nick is a significant factor in the journey to win Daisy back, being her cousin. Although it may be true Nick is taken advantaged of by Gatsby. For example, Nick hosts tea with daisy at his house, he is dragged to New York on many occasions, and is Gatsby’s main source for comfort when things go south with Daisy. Nick Carraway is truly disgusted by Gatsby “who represented everything for which I have an unaffected

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