Why Do Texas Create Laws Essay

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Texas Legislators create laws and policies that helps the society become more responsible and creates a safer environment. Many laws can be created and put into action with the help of citizens abiding to them. Without rules (which are clearly broken anyways), anyone can just do whatever they please, and most times that can create more issues than having rules rather than having the community have a free for all. Some important law that should be focused on are banning cell phones while driving, child welfare, and border security . Further, Texas legislature have been trying to file a bill for smartphones being banned while driving. It is our responsibility as drivers to make sure that we are paying attention to the road at all times. Cell phones are a distraction and as a society it shouldn 't be allowed being used while driving because it causes unavoidable accidents. Representative Tom Craddick said “distracted driving is an epidemic in Texas and we must pass a law to address this life-threatening habit.” Texas is one of the only four states that doesn’t have a statewide law on cell phones and driving. Thousands of people die a year and innocent people are harmed due to this action. Even if the accidents are big or small, it …show more content…

Truly, it is difficult to say that rules are meant to be broke, but in order to live a safer and prosperous life, citizens should be aware to following these laws made by the state of Texas, because it will ease the headache of going through the trouble of punishment. These laws just have to be implemented a little more and the people in the communities should be a little more conscious in the things that they do in their daily routines. In the end, if unavoidable situations are lessened, other topics can be focused on that need more attention than something that can prevented from the get

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