Texas Voter ID Law Essay

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The Texas Voter ID Law was put passed in 2011 and implemented in 2013.The law states that in order to vote each citizen must present one of the seven forms of identification. Any of the following would be considered an acceptable form of identification: Texas driver license, Texas personal identification card, a Texas Election identification certificate, Texas concealed handgun license, a United States passport, a United state military identification card that has the person’s photo, and a United States citizenship certificate that has the person’s photo. I believe that the Texas Voter ID Law is consistent with the federal standards, the law will not affect the voter turnout by much in Texas, and I do think that requiring a photo ID to vote is a good policy. The U.S. Constitution and federal laws place limits on the state’s power to establish …show more content…

I also do not find this law to harm any citizen. Each citizen of age should already have an identification card, and if they do not have one they can register for a free voter identification card. There is a possibility that the number of democratic voters may decrease because some democratic citizens are categorized as minorities. Although this may not be true, for instance in places such as Indiana and Georgia, democratic voter rates increased after the passing of a Voter ID Law. With this law not only can we prevent voter fraud, but also we can motivate the citizens in Texas to get an identification card and push them to vote. Citizens who already have an identification card may feel that it is their duty to vote, which can raise the voter rate in Texas. I feel that this law is not discriminating; it is just preventing voter fraud from occurring. As a minority, I do not feel that this law is discriminating me from voting instead I feel motivated to vote because as a citizen of the United States I can make a

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