Voting Should Be Abolished Dbq Essay

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The argument for compulsory voting is basically undemocratic because the first amendment talks about how you have freedom. The freedom of choice must include the freedom not to choose. Democracy deeply values individual freedom which means if compulsory voting was mandatory, It is a clear violation of liberty and the first amendment. I argue that voting should not be mandatory in America because first, non-voters are uninformed, it doesn’t improve the democratic climate, and it requires a national database. American is one of the most powerful and big countries in the world. Creating a national database would just take too long and too much work to keep up with everything. In document E, it says “Voting is mandatory in Peru, with an enforced penalty of US$35 for not voting. This is probably the cause of the 13 percent of the ballots being blank or null, cast by citizens who refused to vote for any of the candidates or who spoiled their ballots.” Peru had recently experienced a dishonest election which left its citizens suspicious of their government. This quote shows that compulsory voting is bad because A national database on citizens that is frequently updated…show more content…
In document D it says “Those who obsess about voter turnout are perhaps the ones to whom we should pay the least attention. The less legitimate politician feel, the more they try to pass laws that build around their regimes a Potemkin facade* of citizen involvement.” This quote shows that compulsory voting is bad because they are saying don’t focus on people who always vote, focus on the people who don’t and make them vote. The document shows how governments can force their citizens to vote and that governments need to earn the support of their citizens, this document could be used to argue that requiring citizens of a democracy to vote is a violation of consent of the government is
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