Discuss The Pros And Cons Of The Debate Over Suffrage During The Age Of Jackson

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There were many major arguments in the debate over expanding suffrage. Those major arguments consisted mostly of the pros and cons of the debate over expanding the suffrage during the age of Jackson. There were many valid arguments, but also many invalid arguments during that time.

There were many pros in the debate over suffrage during the age of Jackson. The Jacksonian democracy is associated with the common man. In document 3, it states that when Alexis de Tocqueville arrived to the United States he said “I was surprised to find so much distinguished talent among the subjects, and so little among the heads of the government.” This states that having common people vote would make sense, and benefit the government.
With more people it would also be a benefit because the elections would have a better turnout. …show more content…

It was a good plan because it had few cons. Only property owners had something at stake. Not all the common people could vote in the age of Jackson, but the big population it affected were farmers because they were mostly what was the common man. One example of this is in document 1 where Nathan Stanford said “To me the only qualifications (to vote) seem to be the virtue and morality of the people. . . Those who contribute to the public support we consider as entitled to a share of the election of rules.” This statement describes farmers well because they contribute to public support, so they should be allowed to vote. The suffrage benefited men mostly, but not women at all. One other con was that some people thought that the common people shouldn't be allowed to

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