Why I Want To Be Vietnam Essay

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Being Vietnamese, I suppose I should have an insight of my home country as well as own myself as the insight will lead to the development which is the target of everyone. This is one important reason why I choose major in Vietnamese Studies at my higher education. During academic years at USSH -VNUH, I’ve learned many aspects of Vietnam from history, literature, religion to politic and so on. It is regarded as basic knowledge of “country studies” quite popular in modern time. Everything about my home country makes me excited and I have learnt them with positive attitude. Thus, I did high marks on many subjects like Vietnam’s village and Hanoi studies. My present GPA is 3.65/4.0. It’s the result of my best effort. To get more knowledge and…show more content…
Nevertheless, in contemporary integrated context, understanding oneself is not enough. Knowing more about people and nations around the world is necessary, at the same time, it is an interesting and attractive thing for most of the students. Thanks to a number of international students, my faculty holds an annual event called International Culture Exchange ‘s Day. This is occasion every student whose nationalities are different introduce their own countries through food and performances of dancing and singing. Through the activity, Vietnamese students like me have a chance to enjoy and get to know various cultures included Japan. Yet, I’m just fascinated with Japan when watching a video series by Japanology - NKH world. My first impression of Japan is the country of natural disaster such as earthquake, tsunami, sakura, kimono, haiku poem, samurai and something like that. Then, I recognize there are still so much I haven’t known about this country. What I want to discover is its hidden beauty, especially the harmony between people and nature, modernity and tradition. I think that is one of main values distinguishing Japan from other countries. It will be a great thing to experience and worth
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