Why Is 9/11 Important

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A day forever remembered in United States history is September 11, 2001. Not only did the event that occurred on this day effect the loved ones of many, it touched every U.S citizen. The event of 9/11 has gone down as one of the most tragic and influential events in all of history. There were many causes that led to this disaster and you mustn’t forget the effects it left on America. You may be unaware of how far the event goes back in history, with causes dating back to the 1980’s. Osama Bin Laden had great significance in the causes and events leading up to this day. Bin Laden was the founder of the terrorist organization named al-Qaeda, an organization that has been claimed as the culprits of 9/11. America’s foreign policies played a role in Bin Laden’s decision to boycott U.S goods in the 1980’s. Laden was not a fan of the United States supporting Israel and its …show more content…

Although the attacks happened thirteen years ago, many families are still mourning the deaths of loved ones. There were 2,996 casualties resulting from the attacks including all the individuals on the planes, in the towers, and in the pentagon. Sadly, the mothers, brothers, sisters, and fathers of the people who lost their lives will always remember this day greatly and think back on the memories of their family members. Along with the deaths and sorrow this day brought, there were other lasting effects of this event. Security has since tightened and is no longer an afterthought. Airports now take full measure against any security risks and have invested a lot of money into the safety of traveling via planes. Immigration after 9/11 has become a bigger thought than it already was. The funding to enforce immigration has increased drastically since this day and hasn’t stopped. One thought is that if the deportation of criminals increases than we are one step closer to fighting terrorism. Pabst

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