Why Is Andrew Jackson Wrong

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With the knowledge above, we now know that Andrew Jackson did not care if the Native American helped him or not in defeating the British. He would judge you the same as the enemy and will take your land as a penalty. Also, we know that Andrew Jackson would defy orders to get what he wants, he does not care who he hurts. In addition we know that Congress was reluctant to go against him as he had the backing of the citizens of the United States. Knowing this plus being a war hero, Andrew Jackson had the backing of the people and he could do no wrong. In 1824, he ran for president but lost when the House of Representatives voted for John Adams. The “Corrupt Bargain, “as Jackson’s supporters called it and he had the backing of the citizens, he ran and won against John Adams in 1828. One of the major topics of his agenda was to remove all Native American, especially the Cherokee, out of the east and move them to the west. The purpose was to open up new Indian land for white settlers and cared less who he was …show more content…

The Indian Removal Act is going to be controversial bill that is going to help President Andrew Jackson complete two things which was pay the national debt of with Indian Land Sales and most importantly move the Native American out of East, especially Georgia, to open new land for eager white settlers. In a letter from Alfred Balch to Andrew Jackson on January 8, 1830, Alfred said that about the possibility of the removal act, “The removal of the Indians would be an act of seeming violence. But it will prove in the end an act of enlarged philanthropy.” He went on to write, “…cannot exist in a state of Independence, in the vicinity of the white man.” This information would become public until his Second Annual Message to Congress when he said about Congress and the removal act,” in relation to the removal of the Indians beyond

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