Why Is Beowulf Be Considered An Epic Hero

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What would you truly call an epic hero? Do you think Beowulf is in epic hero, or maybe he’s not an epic hero to you? Threw this paper I will give you examples of why Beowulf would be considered an epic here in my standards. If you don’t think my opinion isn’t strong enough well that’s you. Let’s start out what’s an epic hero? In my opinion an epic hero should have strength, skills, succeed in battle and values his wins. Not all heroes will have that ether there can be other traits that in my opinion can make him an epic hero. He actually fights in battles not scared to do it ether. He rules the kingdom where he keeps all the people safe. Just things like that would make anyone an epic hero. Let’s start out on talking about how Beowulf even came to hear about Grendel. Long ago there was a kingdom that was peaceful town during the day, but at night in the mead hall after loud music and dancing they wouldn’t know what peaceful was. There was an evil monster that would destroy the men that would sleep at night. He had this powerful claw that would tear the people apart, even once in a while he would stick couple guys into his pouch to save them for dinner later. Well that monster is known as Grendel, nobody wanted to come in and mess with him, and …show more content…

He swam for hours before Grendel’s mother came along and snatched him up. He was beaten up by all the other underwater monsters. Eventually they went into an arena looking area that must have been Grendel’s home. The mother once again had such tough skin and the curse on the sword Beowulf had an issue trying to kill her. Beowulf just decides to try to beat her with his super human abilities too. Knowing he couldn’t he grabbed a sword off the wall and cut her head off. He went and cut Grendel’s room to find him dead in the corner so he cut his head off to and took it back up for his men to carry it back

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