Why Is Daisy Buchanan

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In F.Scott Fitzgerald's, The Great Gatsby, the rich and the poor lived privileged lives but were separated between new and old money and also the rich and the poor. These rich people always showed off their wealth and power by simply living their lives. These very privileged people seemed to live different lives from others which was easily perceived by the lower class and the readers. Daisy Buchanan displays these characteristics which is clearly evident. The first reason is how Daisy had always been viewed as the classic miserable housewife. Although Daisy did show her real self which was evident throughout the book from start to end. Daisy Buchanan became the character known as the perfect housewife. Daisy became the exact opposite …show more content…

Daisy leaves behind her real thoughts, wishes, and her true self throughout the novel. Daisy leaves it to the mystery whether she truly loves Gatsby or Tom. The audience believes Daisy is too complacent in her marriage with Tom to actually consider leaving Tom. Daisy hides her true self from the audience, Daisy can easily be viewed as a villain, especially in her old money world, surrounding themselves with fake people and an unloyal husband. Something that seemed to raise questions was right after a conversation Nick describes Daisy "smirking," which despite her hopelessness, does not seem to change her marital status at all. Gatsby now is stuck without a woman because she will not commit. Daisy's love was hiding Gatsby from reality all along and she was never going to leave Tom for him. Gatsby had come to the realization of this by the time he was shot and killed. Nick first came to the realization that he knew Daisy was not the person that Gatsby thought she was. Daisy showed her actual intent when she could not admit that she never had loved Tom, showing she truly loved him deep down. Daisy also never thought her and Gatsby had a future because when they were discussing it she said she does not believe they will have one. Gatsby should have realized the path they were heading down but never realized because of him being

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