Why Is Friar Lawrence To Blame In Romeo And Juliet

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I think Friar Laurence is most responsible for the outcome of Romeo and Juliet. One may think it was the fault of Romeo and Juliet or the family feud, but upon more consideration, it appears to be Friar Laurence. Some people may think that the outcome is the fault of Romeo and Juliet. They caused a lot of trouble throughout the story and they are very important characters in the story. Romeo going to the party was an event that then caused trouble between the houses. This led to fighting between the houses, and eventually Tybalt’s death and the banishment of Romeo. After that, Romeo and Juliet felt that they couldn’t be apart so they decided to run away. Because of miscommunication, Romeo, Juliet, and many others ended up dead. Their love …show more content…

One thing that he did was he aided all of the bad ideas Romeo and Juliet had. First, he married them. This was a bad idea because it just strengthened the bond they had, and it led them to do more reckless things. He also helped them come up with and go through with the plan to run away together. It was an ill-thought out plan to start with and he thought he could pull it off, but he couldn’t. He relied on a communication path that was not extremely reliable, and he didn’t monitor the situation enough to keep Romeo and Juliet out of trouble. Another thing he did that causes him to have a big impact on the outcome, was he didn’t tell anyone about what was happening with Romeo and Juliet. He could see the struggles their relationship was causing and instead of trying to reason everything out and keep peace he tried to help fake Juliets death after Romeo had been banished. He could have very easily told their parents and even though that would’ve broken them up, it would’ve caused less fighting and allowed everything to end more peacefully. By keeping the secret of Romeo and Juliet’s love, he caused a lot of harm and that is why I think he had the biggest impact on the outcome of the

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