Why Is It Important To Article 5 Of The Constitution

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In February of 1787, the Continental Congress met in Philadelphia to revise or replace the Articles of Confederation. This revision was necessary to fix the problems the newly independent states were having. Fifty five delegates attended the convention such as James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and Roger Sherman. These delegates included the two schools of jurisdiction compare and contract, into the Constitution to help make it one of the most important documents ever written. In the past 200 years the constitution has been amended 27 times. Such as the 13th amendment in 1865 forever banning the practice of slavery and the 15th amendment in 1870 gave all citizens the right to vote regardless of their race. The founding fathers knew that many things in America would change overtime which meant that changes to the constitution is something that would likely happen. That's why article 5 of the constitution says that " …show more content…

By knowing the relevance of the constitution in this day is to understand the need for caution when considering in a minute. Almost every year there are more than 100 amendment is that our proposed, although most never get out of the congressional committee. Americans have added many laws only to take them back, in 1919 the 18th amendment was passed a bill that stopped making and selling of alcohol but it was impossible to get all people to stop drinking. Many people felt the government had no right to make the laws about their private habits so in 1933 the 21st amendment was adopted which repellent and canceled the 18th amendment. These types of changes that have been made to the U.S. Constitution are only matters that better America as a grows and changes over the years. Though it may seem that the U.S. Constitution is just a Old piece of paper it is really designed to live and grow as the nations

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