Why Is Julius Caesar Important To Society

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Caesar—nearly everyone knows him, and nearly everyone has something to associate him with. Whether that is a delicious salad or a feat of Caesarian proportions, his name has left a legacy that can’t be destroyed. While Caesar definitely has had a lasting effect on today’s society, what did he do within the confines of Ancient Rome that made him so significant to Roman history? While I had a few other notable people to choose from—namely Augustus Caesar and Cleopatra—I believe that Caesar’s military, political, and economic contributions to the wellbeing of Rome are what makes him stand apart within the confines of Roman history. Julius Caesar was born into a family of great prestige, the Julian family, on July 13th, 100 BCE. His family was allegedly descended from the goddess Venus through Prince Aeneas. Caesar came into a leadership role early on in…show more content…
But not all in Rome loved Caesar. Some loved him, some hated him, but such is the life of a prominent leader. Caesar was a very progressive leader, as he worked to break down social boundaries within the vast empire, all the while expanding Roman territory. He demonstrated great prowess and strategy in battle, as well as skilled in rhetoric and oration and governing. He also introduced Rome’s calendar, the namesake Julian calendar. After his death, Caesar distributed his wealth back to the Roman people. It is evident that Caesar was a true man of the people, who gave his life to the glory of Rome. Though his reign was somewhat tumultuous, he ultimately was able to restore the Republic. Caesar was a stern, yet generous leader, who only had in mind the best interest of his city. Therefore, I feel that Caesar’s reign had the largest impact upon Roman history, and world history, and earned Rome its spot in the history
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