Why Is Love Important In The Great Gatsby

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Love is a beautiful and dangerous thing. It can make people feel like they are on the top of the world, and it can break people’s hearts with just a few words. In The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald, Jay Gatsby met a girl named Daisy during the war and fell in love with her. However, they were from different social classes so Gatsby could not marry her. He built up an empire to become rich enough to marry her, but by that time she had already married someone else. So, he bought a house across the water from them and threw lavish parties in hopes of regaining her attention. Gatsby’s relentless pursuit of rekindling his past relationship with Daisy shows that people will do anything for love. Jay Gatsby would do anything for love, which was shown by how he rewrote his own past in order to make it socially acceptable for him to date Daisy. Not much was known about his past when the narrator, Nick first met him, Gatsby told Nick about his past. He claimed to be “the son of some …show more content…

Despite not having any contact with Daisy for years, he moved across the bay from Daisy and threw lavish parties in hopes of catching her attention. Jordan believed that Gatsby did that because “he half expected her to wander into one of his parties”, and then Gatsby could talk to Daisy and rekindle their relationship (Fitzgerald 84). Gatsby never would have thrown these parties if there was not a chance that Daisy would enter, which shows that Gatsby would do anything just for a chance to talk to Daisy. Not only did he throw these parties just for Daisy, when he found Nick knew Daisy, he asked Nick to “invite her to tea” because “[Gatsby] wanted [Daisy] to see his house… and [Nick’s] house is right next door” (Fizgerald 84). Gatsby utilized all of his resources just to have a chance that he could talk to Daisy and impress her, so Daisy would choose to leave her husband and marry him

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