Why Is Michael Jordan Important In The Odyssey

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A Turkish proverb states, “ No matter how far you have gone on a wrong road, turn back.” In other words, one mistake doesn’t ruin someone’s life, so don’t be afraid to pick a different path to go down. This is tremendously impactful for society because so many people get caught down the wrong road when there is always another option somewhere else. Two people who live by this proverb are Thomas Edison and Michael Jordan. A piece of literature which contains the same theme is The Odyssey, and a current event which pertains to the idea is the presidential election.

Thomas Edison, famous inventor and hard working problem solver, is an amazing example of someone who has lived by this proverb. Thomas went from a nobody who thought he could …show more content…

Michael wasn’t a born ready basketball player that everyone thought he was because of his success in the NBA. One of Michael’s coaches once said, “Jordan, interestingly, was not a “Natural” basketball player” (Johnson). The natural born talent Jordan had was playing baseball, so in order to become successful, he had to practice and work harder than others. One journalist stated,” Jordan’s high school basketball coach, Clifton Herring, picked up the young athlete each morning at 6:00 to practice the game before school” (Johnson). In contrast to not making the basketball team for his high school, Jordan worked hard everyday to get better and use the athleticism god had given him. Through blood, sweat, and tears, Michael succeeded in basketball but was a very gifted athlete in many sports. One reporter once reported, “In 1994, he signed a minor league contract with the Chicago White Sox and was assigned to the Birmingham Barons, but his baseball career was dismal” (Johnson). Jordan was a multi sport athlete that succeeded in basketball but wasn’t pleased with that. To follow his dream Michael didn’t give up his dream to play two sports professionally. Even though he wasn’t the best in baseball, he tried his best to pursue his dream. Michael Jordan, known as the best basketball player ever to play, failed and didn’t make his high school team and the hard work he put into basketball really showed that he had passion and determination to

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