Why Is Nathaniel Hawthorne Important In Today's Society

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Inside the World of Hawthorne
During the time period of the 1800’s, Puritans obeyed their censorious moral beliefs, focusing on worship of one’s God. Honor, honesty, and virtue were heavy traits that Puritans could be defined as. Within the seventeenth century, it was unlikely for Puritans to break the laws, and commit severe crimes; one of the most disapproving being adultery. Nathaniel Hawthorne, an American author during the 1800’s published one of the most impactful novels describing Puritan society and the downfall of characters who have committed the sin, adultery. His work takes readers on a journey through a different time period, style of living, and laws that people in today’s society do not have a connection with. He influenced the public and fellow literature authors in the way they perceive and feel about the events that took place in Puritan society. Hawthorne is a grand figure for American literature, and his addition to literature had a major impact on past, as well as today’s coherent texts. …show more content…

In his transition to adulthood he began to focus on writing for a career, as he enjoyed taking his ideas and putting them onto pages, allowing readers to get a feel of his perspective. According to “The Scarlet Letter”, during the time Hawthorne attended college in Maine, he published his first novel in the year of 1828, which turned out to be a massive failure. He took time off from writing to focus on a real career, and had a few drawbacks; welcoming new people and ideas into his life (“The Scarlet Letter”). Hawthorne returned back to Salem seeking a job for income and became a surveyor in the Salem Custom House in 1846. He obtained the job for several years and shortly after, lost his appointment, triggering the start of his novel, The Scarlet Letter (“Nathaniel Hawthorne

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